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Hello my name is Mandy; I am a Manager at Victory Vapor. 

I love working with my family because it creates a fun environment for me to work in. It makes it easier to come to work every day when you love the people you work with. 

I am happily married to Josh for 5 years together for 8. We have 2 kids that hold the key to my heart a little girl almost 1 and a little boy almost 6!  They are my reason for wanting to be healthier! 

My husband and I started vaping in March of 2013 and I haven’t picked up a cigarette since. 

I have worked in health care most of my life and realize that helping people stop smoking is a great passion of mine. I want people to live longer and enjoy their families as long as they can. I have seen too many people suffer from smoking related issues and love helping them turn to an alternative. 

Thanks for supporting us and giving us a chance to change your lives! Hugs!!!